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Green Gardener - the natural way to keep your garden looking good

Green Gardener, the natural way to keep pests and weeds under control

Green Gardener specialises in NATURAL chemical free pest control. Control OUTDOOR pests - Slugs (Nemaslug®), Vine Weevils (Nemasys® Vine Weevil Killer), Ants (Nemasys® No Ants), Leatherjackets (Nemasys® Leatherjacket Killer), Chafer Grubs (Nemasys® Chafer Killer), Aphids (Ladybirds / Lacewing Larvae) & Vegetable Pests (Nemasys® Fruit and Vegetable Protection). Control pests UNDERGLASS - Whitefly (Encarsia), Red Spider Mite (Phytosieulus / Amblyseius), Aphids (Aphidius/lacewing larvae), Mealybug (Cryptolaemus) Sciarid Fly & Scale (nematodes).

We also have copper tapes, copper rings/bands, hosta halos, shocka rolls to control slugs & snails in pots, animal repellents (to repel foxes, ants, flies, wasps, squirrels, mice, rats, cats, deer, moles, badgers, rabbits), natural sprays, garlic candles, wormeries, composters, water butts, fertilisers, soil blockers, coir pellets, wildlife houses, seeds, Butterfly & Ladybird Kits.

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Use Nemaslug to control slugs naturally

As mentioned by Pippa Greenwood - Slugs are able to breed throughout the winter laying hundreds of eggs, which will hatch next spring. One of the most effective ways of cutting down on the number of slugs emerging NEXT spring is to apply Nemaslug® Slug Killer NOW before the temps drop. Special Offer - Nemaslug Standard Pack treats 40sqm NOW £10.75 saving £1.00.


Garlic Greenhouse Candles

It is important to fumigate / clean a greenhouse to clear out any pests that have flourished during the summer before you move plants in for the winter. Clear your greenhouse of these unwanted pests by fumigating with our best-selling Garlic Greenhouse Candles NOW. Each candle will treat approx 20 cubic metres - equivalent to a 3m/11ft x 2m/7ft greenhouse.


Treating Vine Weevils NATURALLY

Apply Nemasys Vine Weevil Killer NOW to kill the newly hatched grubs. It is important to treat NOW as the grubs are newly hatched & the soil is warm. Left untreated, the grubs will feed on the roots of your plants throughout the winter. Apply Nemasys Vine Weevil Killer NOW before the soil temperature drops.


Controlling Leatherjackets in lawns

Control Leatherjackets by applying Nemasys Leatherjackets Killer NOW before the soil temp drops. This is the ideal time to treat as this is when the soil is warm PLUS the leatherjackets are newly hatched & are the most susceptible to the nematodes. Apply NOW before the soil temp drops below 10c i.e. apply NOW.


Treat Box Tree Caterpillar NOW

Box Tree Caterpillar overwinters as a caterpillar, hidden between leaves that have been spun together with silk, so it is also important to treat NOW to kill as many of the caterpillars BEFORE they have the chance to over-winter. Control Box Tree Caterpillars naturally by spraying with Nemasys® Fruit and Vegetable Protection NOW.


Topbuxus for blight free box plants

As mentioned in the Sunday Times - Use TopBuxus Box Tree Health Mix for healthy green, blight free box trees / hedges/ balls. Box blight is a fungal disease, which causes leaves to go brown and fall off, leading to bare patches, which makes the plants unsightly. TopBuxus is a brilliant leaf fertiliser, which is sprayed on and encourages healthy blight-free growth. Available NOW!


Castclear Worm Cast Suppressant

Apply Castclear Worm Cast Suppressant NOW - The recent wet, autumnal weather has resulted in A LOT of worm activity and this has resulted in A LOT Of worm casts, which can ruin the appearance of a lawn. Drive worms away from your lawn without harming them & stop wormcasts by applying Castclear NOW.


Controlling pests in your Veg Garden

Nemasys® Fruit and Vegetable Protection (F&V) is the best green solution for pests in your veg garden. This unique mix of different nematodes will control a range of pests including carrot & cabbage root fly, cutworms, onion fly, sciarid fly, caterpillars, sawfly & more.


Controlling Whitefly UNDERGLASS

Whitefly is a major pest that can destroy plants in greenhouses and conservatories. Control Whitefly by introducing Encarsia on small white cards, which are hung on the plants AS SOON as the first whitefly appear. Available NOW


Apply ORGANIC Lawn Food NOW

Apply this ORGANIC Lawn Feed NOW to give your lawn the very best - naturally. Contains nitrogen, phosphate and potash (15:4:10) plus trace elements together with beneficial bacteria, it will give your lawn a quick boost of growth AND then will keep on working for 3 months.


Best Selling Nite Eyes available NOW

Featured on BBC's Country File - Solar powered Nite Eyes repel foxes, badgers & deer. They charge by day & then come on at dusk. The two red LED lights start to flash & these lights stops the fox / badger / deer. Safe for wildlife, pets / poultry.


For blemish free roses use Sulphur Rose

As recommended by Dan Pearson in the Observer - Fungal diseases like blackspot and mildew are flourishing, so treat with Sulphur Rose NOW. Sulphur Rose is a brilliant plant tonic, which encourages healthy blemish-free growth. A 250g pack of Sulphur Rose keeps 20 roses healthy for one season.


Use Jute Leaf Sacks to compost leaves

Leaves are not easy to compost as there are so many of them & they can take up to two years to break down, so use Jute Leaf Sacks to speed up their composting. Once composted leaves make a fantastic soil improver & mulch called leaf mould. Jute Leaf Sacks are available NOW.


Best Selling Wormcity Wormery

The Wormcity Wormery is easy to use & will quickly convert your kitchen waste into FREE compost & liquid feed. Designed & made in the UK from recycled plastic, it is available in 2 colours (green or black). It is delivered in a single box with a VOUCHER for the worms, so it can be ordered at anytime & set-up when required.


Controlling Red Spider Mite

We have 2 predators for controlling Red Spider Mite. Use Amblyseius andersonii when the temperatures are really high (i.e. regularly over 30c) or use Phytoseiulus when temperatures tend to be between 16c-30c (most greenhouses). Introduce them both when RSM are 1st spotted & both are available NOW.


Use SB Invigorator to control pests

Use SB Invigorator  to control large numbers of pests BEFORE introducing natural controls. If pests have flourished i.e. while you have been on holiday, spray with SB Invigorator 1st to and then because it is chemical free, beneficial insects can then be introduced as soon as SB Invigorator has dried.



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Nemaslug Slug Killer

Nemaslug Slug Killer is available NOW. Nemaslug Slug Killer contains nematodes that are effective at controlling slugs, but safe for children, pets, birds and wildlife.


Controlling Vine Weevils

Control vine weevils naturally by applying Nemasys® Vine Weevil Killer to kill the grubs and use our new Adult Vine Weevil Trap to control the adults.


Controlling greenhouse pests.

Our range of natural predators will control greenhouse pests such as Whitefly, Red Spider Mite, Aphids, Mealy Bug, Scale and Sciarid Fly WITHOUT using chemicals.


Hessian Flower Bags

Made from Hessian, these bags are biodegradable & more attractive than plastic versions & are great for creating colour all year round. Hanging bags are easier to prepare and look after than hanging baskets as they require less water and feed.


Grazers natural repellent

Grazers is the effective and easy way to prevent damage caused by grazing rabbits, pigeons, geese and deer. Simply spray onto the foliage to make the foliage unpalatable.


Repelling Garden Pests

Natural ways to repel garden pests - use Grazers to repel rabbits & deer, use NiteEyes / Foxwatch to repel foxes & badgers. Position a Waspinator to repel wasps & a Catwatch to repel cats. We also have products to repel mice, ants & many more.