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Green Gardener - the natural way to keep your garden looking good

Green Gardener, the natural way to keep pests and weeds under control

Green Gardener specialises in NATURAL chemical free pest control. Control OUTDOOR pests - Slugs (Nemaslug®), Vine Weevil (Nemasys®), Ants (Nemasys® No Ants), Leatherjackets (Nemasys® Leatherjacket Killer), Chafer Grubs (Nemasys® Chafer Killer), Aphids (Ladybirds) & Vegetable Pests (Nemasys® Grow Your Own). Control pests UNDERGLASS - Whitefly (Encarsia), Red Spider Mite (Phytosieulus), Aphids (Aphidius & Pace Mix), Mealybug (Cryptolaemus) Sciarid Fly & Scale (nematodes).

We also have copper slug & snail tape, copper rings/bands, hosta halos, shocka rolls to control slugs & snails in pots, animal repellents (to repel ants, flies, wasps, squirrels, mice, rats, cats, foxes ,deer, moles), natural sprays, wormeries, composters, water butts, fertilisers, wildlife houses, seeds, Butterfly & Ladybird Kits.

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Christmas Deliveries

Last chance to order - Gift Ideas, Gift Boxes and Gift Vouchers - Many of our products are popular as gifts. Our Gift Boxes are always popular as presents as they are packed with best sellers, come ready wrapped and save money too! Why not give Nemaslug as a gift! Christmas Deliveries - To ensure delivery of goods before Christmas, place any orders by 9.00am Thurs 18th December to ensure delivery in time.


Best selling Ladybird Giftbox

This best selling Ladybird Giftbox contains an attractive, hand-crafted, ladybird house, which provides a cosy place for ladybirds to hibernate PLUS ladybird food field guide & 5 ladybird shaped chocolates. Contents normally £28.73, Price £24.50 saving £4.23. Also available! Choose between Nemaslug, Butterfly, Deluxe Ladybird and Bee Giftboxes.


Ideal Gift - Butterfly House and Feeder

Special Offer - Butterfly House and Feeder - This attractive Butterfly House and Feeder is made from solid FSC timber and combines a safe over-wintering house with a special removable feed tray PLUS save money too! Use it to provide a year round home in which butterflies and moths can roost, breed and hibernate. The special removable feed tray is designed and coloured to mimic garden flowers. Special Offer - A Butterfly House and Feeder normally £27.50 NOW £22.50 saving £5.00


Ideal Gifts - Ladybird Houses

Ideal Gifts - Our range of ladybird houses are designed to simulate the natural habitat sought by ladybirds for hibernation helping more of these beneficial insects survive the winter. These attractive, hand-crafted, wooden ladybird houses provide a cosy place for ladybirds to bed down PLUS they look great in the garden. Choose between the pole mounted Ladybird House or the wall hanging Ladybird Mansion.


Use Garlic Candles NOW

It is important to fumigate a greenhouse / clean to clear out any pests that have flourished during the summer. Clear your greenhouse of these unwanted pests  i.e. red spider mite, whitefly and aphids, by fumigating with a Garlic Greenhouse Candle NOW. Replace traditional sulphur candles with a chemical-free Garlic Candle and clear your greenhouse of unwanted pests by fumigating NOW.


Apply natural Fruit Tree Sprays NOW

Reduce pest numbers in fruit trees by applying organic Winter Wash NOW. This winter wash is based on natural plant oils, which "dissolve" the eggs of pests such as greenfly and red spider mite etc and should be applied to top and soft fruit NOW. Then apply Garlic Wonder Fruit Tree Spray throughout the growing season.


Apply Castclear NOW to stop WORMCASTS

Recent rain, means worms are active, so apply CastClear NOW to drive worms away without harming them & stop the wormcasts. This liquid worm suppressant contains nutrients, soil penetrants & organic sulphur, which will deter worms naturally for 20 days. SALE - 500ml Castclear NOW £19.50 saving £3.00.


New Wormcity Wormery available NOW!

Ideal Gift - This new Wormcity Wormery is easy to use & will quickly convert your kitchen waste into FREE compost & liquid feed. Designed & made in the UK from recycled plastic, it is available in 2 colours (Dark Green or Black). The Wormcity is delivered in a single box with a VOUCHER for the worms, so it can be easily given as a gift.


Jute Leaf Sacks are available NOW!

Start composting all those autumn leaves usingJute Leaf Sacks. Leaf Sacks are great for collecting & composting leaves quickly into leafmould -  a fantastic soil improver & mulch. Collect the leaves in the open mesh jute leaf sacks & then place in the corner of the garden where they will get a spot rain. By NEXT Autumn you will have a pile of leaf mould to spread in the garden.


For blemish free roses use Sulphur Rose

As recommended by Dan Pearson in the Observer - Warm weather combined with recent rain means fungal diseases like blackspot and mildew are flourishing and this means your roses need treating with Sulphur Rose NOW. Sulphur Rose is a brilliant plant tonic, which encourages healthy blemish-free growth. A 250g pack of Sulphur Rose keeps 20 roses healthy for one season.


NEW - Ultrasonic Mouse Repeller

Use the NEW Ultrasonic Mouse Repeller to repel mice indoors without harming them. Mice are a big problem as the weather turns colder, as they look for somewhere warm & cosy to sleep. Use the Ultrasonic Mouse Repeller to keep kitchens, outbuildings, sheds, caravans & lofts mouse free without using traps & poisons.


Best Selling Nite Eyes available NOW

As featured on BBC's Country File - Use these solar powered Nite Eyes to repel BOTH foxes and badgers. They charge by day & then come on at dusk. The two red LED lights in the front start to flash and it is these lights that stops the fox / badger. Nite Eyes will not harm wildlife or domestic pets / poultry.


Add Mycorrhizal Fungi when planting

Autumn is the time to plants roses, trees & hedging as the soil is warm & moist. Add Vaminoc Mycorrhizal Fungi, so they get established quicker. The Mycorrhizal Fungi develop along side the plants roots, acting like a permanent fertiliser. Plants grow faster, veg yields increase & can cope with drought & disease better.


Ideal Gift - Butterfly Breeding kit

Use a Butterfly Breeding Kits to raise your own Painted Lady butterflies - watch as caterpillar develop into butterflies & they are very popular as gifts. Each kit comes with a VOUCHER for 5 Painted Lady caterpillars, so it can be given as a gift at anytime & then the caterpillars can be requested next year (between March and Sept).


Coir Pellets for seed sowing

Coir Pellets are ideal for sowing seeds or for rooting cuttings. Add water & watch them swell to make the ideal growing medium (3.6cm in diameter). Its best to sow seeds into individual pellets, so you don’t have to handle young seedlings, which are easy to damage. Special Offer - Buy 100 Coir Pellets & receive 20 FREE!


Use SB Invigorator during the winter

Use SB Invigorator during the winter to control pests in a safe & effective way PLUS it controls fungal diseases & contains a foliar feed. Use SB Invigorator when it is too cold to use beneficial insects - with no harmful chemicals left behind beneficial insects can be introduced AS SOON as the temps rise.



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Ideal Gift - Ladybird Giftbox

This best selling Ladybird Gift Box contains all you need to keep ladybirds happy in your garden and makes a great gardening gift.


Butterfly Breeding Kits

Ideal Gift - These Butterfly Breeding Kits allow you to watch all stages of butterfly development & as we use native British butterflies, they can be released in your garden.


Ladybird Breeding Kit

This Ladybird Breeding Kit contains everything you need to raise your own ladybirds (Adalia Bipunctata). Ladybirds are a welcome sight in the garden helping to control a range of pests including aphids, so why not have a go and breed your own. Ideal for children, schools or a unique gift.

Coir Pellets

Coir Pellets are ideal for sowing seeds or for rooting cuttings. Add water & watch them swell to make the ideal growing medium. Its best to sow seeds into individual pellets, so you don’t have to handle young seedlings, which are easy to damage. Special Offer - Buy 100 Coir Pellets & receive 20 FREE!


Hessian Flower Bags

Made from Hessian, these bags are biodegradable & more attractive than plastic versions & are great for creating colour all year round. Hanging bags are easier to prepare and look after than hanging baskets as they require less water and feed.


Repelling Garden Pests

Natural treatments, traps & repellers for a range of garden pests i.e. use Grazers to repel rabbits or use NiteEyes to repel foxes & badgers. Position a Waspinator to repel wasps or position a Catwatch to repel cats. We also have a range of products to repel squirrels, mice, ants & many more.